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Invaluable Advice & Professional Service

Dear Dick,

 Thank you for successfully marketing my property and for the sale price achieved. I have always understood that the market has been difficult for the past six months however your advice on the anticipated outcome was invaluable in deciding on the right offer under the circumstances. That’s what it is all about.

 You have provide a very professional service. Thank you. – R. Pitts

R Pitts

Great Service & Outstanding Result

 Dear Dick,

 I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of my parents and myself to express our appreciation for the professional manner in which you approached the sale of the property. As you are aware, before the property could be sold it was necessary to empty the home of its contents and to clean the premises so that it could be marketed.

 I appreciated your patience while this exercise was being undertaken and I was yet again impressed with your advice and follow up while the process was underway. The preparation of the property for marketing took somewhat longer than I anticipated and in this regard the prompt manner in which you advertised the property was greatly appreciated. The fact that the family home was sold in a matter of a few weeks is a credit to yourself and your sales team at Sheads.

 Many thanks for your assistance yet again. - J. Sheehan


J Sheehan

Thanks For All Your Effort! Amazing!!

Dear Dick,

 Thank you so much for all your efforts in ensuring the best possible result for the sale of our property.

 As you are aware, my brother and I were both against the idea of selling at auction so it was decided to sell via private treaty. Your regular feedback after each open house session was greatly appreciated and the advertising campaign seemed to be effective with admirable attendances at most sessions held. However there seemed to be some reluctance by the market to move forward and sign a contract.

 On your advice we cautiously agreed to an auction campaign of four to five weeks. We didn’t notice much of a change in the feedback we received from you but you were confident of a good result.

 We were both astounded at the size of the crowd at auction and even more so that every property offered that night was sold.

 I don’t know what you did to make that campaign such a success but you’d better keep on doing it!

 Once again thanks for a job well done. – M. Crust

M Crust

Tony Walker is the man to handle the sale of your property

Tony Walker is the man to handle the sale of your property

Dear Tony

Your help in selling my unit at Eddy Road, Chatswood made all the difference.  Your dedication in placing the best photographs in the advertisement assured its success.  Because the market was slow you were just as dedicated and made sure that all enquiries were answered honestly and any requests for information were dealt with promptly.

Tony Walker is the man to handle the sale of your property.


S. Earnshaw

M Crust


From our first meeting with Sebastian, we felt so comfortable that we didn’t bother approaching any other agents. That was a great decision on our part. From the word go Sebastian has been helpful, honest, forthright and offered tremendous preparation and selling advice. He certainly has a good reputation and we are the first to agree. Sebastian kept us informed immediately by email and/or phone of all activities and events during the sale. Not short, curt phone calls, but quite extended ones where he went into great detail of open house results, potential buyers, offers and - importantly - valuable advice during the negotiation process. Not that we actually witnessed the negotiation - that being a too stressful activity that we gladly left to Sebastian. But the outcome far exceeded our expectations . . . . . . no our hopes. Our advice is not to go past Sebastian.

M. & L. McCorckindal


From the outset, I was impressed. Your estimate of the likely selling price was realistic and not over-inflated to impress me. The marketing was first rate, the feedback kept me continually informed, the pre-auction follow-up and execution of the auction was faultless. All in all the process was as seamless as it was faultless. Never for one moment did I believe that you had anything other than my best interests at heart and I am indebted to you for your professionalism, integrity and a service second to none.

B. Dockmagian